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Working together to end domestic violence and abuse.

"I have been helped to understand that what has happened in my past has not been my fault and nobody should put up with abusive behaviour."

Reducing the risk to you – safety planning

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, you will need to consider reducing the risk to yourself from the person who is abusing. We recommend that you consider making a safety plan. This will help you to prepare in advance for times when you may be in danger or are being physically or verbally abused.

  • Keep a record of dates and times of all incidents. If you have been injured, get medical attention from Accident and Emergency (A & E) or your GP and they will make notes of your injuries.
  • Keep your phone fully charged and on you at all times and your credit topped up - in case you need to make emergency calls. Remember that calls to the Police, 999 and to the All Wales Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Helpline, 0808 8010800 are free.
  • Tell a friend, family member or someone your trust about what's been happening.
  • Keep your passport and copies of important documents in a safe place (with a friend or relative).
  • Think about telling your employer about your situation.
  • Always report the violence or criminal damage to the Police.
  • Contact us at CALAN DVS – we can help you.

Do not retaliate - it's not safe.

If you retaliate and the Police are called it may be that they see you as the abuser and you could be arrested and charged, particularly if your partner has any injuries caused by your retaliation.

If you are frightened, or in danger, call the Police on 999

If you are planning to leave

If you are planning to leave, you will need to make sure that you are as safe as possible and do not come to any harm whilst you are leaving your home and/or your partner.

  • Take care over who you trust with any plans that you are making to leave
  • Consider whether or not an injunction is a viable option – seek legal advice where necessary
  • Make an extra set of keys for home and/or car and store them somewhere safe
  • Make up a bag with spare clothes, phone numbers, keys, money and keep it safe so you can take it quickly or keep it with a friend you trust
  • Have these items (as many as possible) available in case you have to flee; important papers such as birth certificate, driver's licence, divorce papers, lease/mortgage papers, passports, insurance information, medical records, welfare and immigration documents, credit card(s), bank account details, some money, extra sets of keys (car, house, work), medication and prescriptions, phone numbers and addresses (for family, friends, doctors, solicitors & support services), clothing, photographs and other items of sentimental value.

Take identification that might help others to protect you from the abuser, such as a recent photo and their car details.

Contact us at CALAN DVS – we can help you.

Domestic abuse affects 1 in 4 women in Wales at some point in their lives

Useful links

The useful links below will enable you to access other websites providing relevant information and support on domestic abuse and related issues.

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