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Working together to end domestic violence and abuse.


The Compass programme uses a strength-based approach to promote a man's resilience and well-being following exposure to domestic violence and abuse (OVA). Over 700k men aged between 16-59 years are known to be affected by DVA in England and Wales. DVA includes psychological, physical, sexual, financial, emotional and coercive control. The Compass programme is structured to support a male victim through a journey of self-acknowledgement, understanding of the areas of abuse and the impacts on children and young people. The programme will also help build a man's resilience and self-confidence following his experience. In Wales, a mapping exercise of existing DVA and sexual violence services identified that 48 agencies currently support men affected by DVA. Further research shows that there is no structured programme for survivors that promotes recovery in this way. Though DVA against men is traditionally underreported it is known that agencies are supporting increased numbers of male victims and that the Compass programme is able to meet a growing demand.



DVA against men has a notorious stigma attached to it that prevents men from seeking support. Common reasons include a fear of retaliation, embarrassment or shame, the fear of not being believed and a fear of the effects on their children. The Compass programme provides a 'Safe Space' for male survivors to build positive and trusting relationships in an environment where they can talk openly about their experiences. The Compass programme is made up of 13-mini sessions which are specifically structured to:

  • Increase the survivors understanding of the impacts of domestic abuse.
  • Promote improved resilience against DVA.
  • Increase mental well-being and self-efficacy.
  • Understand gender stereotyping in relation to DVA.
  • Prepare for trusting and safer relationships in the future.
  • The sessions are interconnected by videos and activities which promote team-working, participation and self-confidence. 
  • The programme duration is 8-weeks and is designed for groups of between 4-6 men to ensure best outcomes. 


  • Provides a 'Safe Space' for men exposed to DVA to talk about their experiences.
  • Build positive, trusting relationships that are reciprocated.
  • Understand more about DVA and the signs of an unhealthy relationship.
  • Build self-esteem, self-efficacy, personal resilience and wellbeing.
  • Feel positive about the future.


'Knowing that there are other men out there who are going through it did really help me because you know, when you're going through it, you don't really know what's going on out there ... you're stuck in that bubble ... it was really difficult'
- Service User

'The Compass Programme is an arena where male victims of abuse can feel comfortable to learn, share and recover from their experiences of suffering from abuse within a relationship. The topic can be steeped in stigma because of the traditions surrounding gender roles and masculinity, with some males not having the information and knowledge to identify when they are in an abusive relationship, particularly around their peers. The Compass Programme provides male victims with supportive tools to shine a spotlight on their plight, challenge their roles within a relationship, and build their confidence for a better and brighter future'    - Programme Facilitator