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Children's Recovery Toolkit

Members of the South Powys team recently undertook the 2nd annual Children’s Recovery Toolkit, following on from a successful pilot last year.

This year the Calan staff welcomed 8 children to the programme who amazed them with their sheer imagination where they turned an electronic drum kit into a spaceship and the staff 'visited' all 9 planets in an afternoon.

Using key points from the Children’s Recovery Toolkit and good practice from children’s support sessions, they designed their own friend, created their own safety plans, learned about online safety and bullying. They also created their own islands and learnt the importance of team work and helping each other achieve great things.

Calan staff invited the children to attend a local school and attended for 5 hours a day over 4 days. Calan provided squash, grapes and biscuits throughout the programme; the children brought their own lunches. The Calan staff utilised the community room for written work, the sports hall for games of bumblebee and dodgeball and finally the outside play area for the climbing frames where the children worked in a team.

The children who attended had a few tantrums and fights but worked together to create and imagine games that took all day to play. The children also performed their own shows such as circus acts each day, giving up their free play time to practise.

Well done to all involved!